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I'm Chris Baker.

a father and husband


I'm an IT systems and administration professional with a specialty in customer service & support. I always have--and always will have a passion for programming. I have a deep interest in networking and enjoy exploring the world of ethical hacking. My intellectual pursuits also extend to psychology and neurology. Beyond my professional life, I take immense pride in being a devoted father and a loving husband.

Baker Tech Services, LLC


Web Design & Development

I embarked on my coding journey at a young age, driven by the desire to create websites for friends. Over the years, I've accumulated a wealth of experience in designing and developing websites, ranging from advanced web concepts to leveraging social media for business marketing.


Graphic Design & Logo Development

I offer genuine advice and expertise in graphic design and logo development, helping businesses express their unique identity through visual elements.

My Resume

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Information Technology Technician

Rolla Public Schools, Missouri District 31

November 2022 - Present